But, she was a tremendously bad mother, given that she was making their young buck alone to meet up along with her partner

The Siguanaba

“The newest Siguanaba” are a beneficial Salvadoran mythological character that presents to herself into the good phantom women form and delightful human body. But, when you consider their directly she has your face off a great mare.

Always, she applies to towards men who’re being unfaithful, in addition to seems on a regular basis for the uninhabited cities, particularly in this new places, ravines, and you may streams, in which she leads the fresh new guys into the demise having an artificial fantasy from like, and you can means they are fall in an effective ravine which causes the loss of heart (It is such as the attraction of your own mermaids).

The new Legend

She is actually to begin with named Sihuehuet (beautiful lady), throughout the myths got an event into young man of Jesus “Tlaloc”, which turned into pregnant. Whenever Tlaloc realized that was going on, Sihuehuet are cursed on the name: “Sihuanaba” for example (unsightly woman). She amourfactory mobiili would getting beautiful at first glance, however when dudes method their particular, she’d change and start to become an awful are with a scary ugly deal with.

The newest God destined their particular so you’re able to roam the new country side, required out of searching to your guys one travels alone at night. The latest native individuals of the country declare that the fresh ghost appears in the evening regarding the rivers of the Salvador, constantly washing dresses and always finding their child named “Cipitio”, which had been granted which have endless youth, by the Jesus Tlaloc that has the reason for so you can torture Sihuanaba.

According to legend, all the people that spend the evening in the woods out-of the newest Salvador are likely locate their. not, she pursue the new men in love, “The Don Juans whom feature about their sexual escapades”.

To these, the fresh Siguanaba generally seems to them in just about any container h2o later within evening, or towards banks of streams according to almost every other systems. To these, the fresh Siguanaba seems to all of them in just about any container out-of drinking water, extremely late at night, otherwise with the banking companies of your own streams according to almost every other systems. She rinses by herself which have gold liquids in the a tree and you may brushes her breathtaking black colored tresses with a comb of the same steel, their particular beautiful body’s shown using her transparent nightgown.

Certain life style discuss your man who goes in love having her looks comes after their unique because time the fresh new Siguanaba phone calls so you’re able to their particular victims, and you can carry out all of them to own an up ravine. Then, suggests their own face when they’ve acquired it, a facial soft away from a-dead, with eyes from their sockets, both of them reddish just like the blood, along with their unique porcelain skin smooth and you may sensitive and painful will get wrinkled and you can greenish, their particular fingernails grow and you will, the worst thing of all, is new sound out-of her raucous laugh out of nightmare and this paralyzes on the listener.

To prevent shedding this new spirit and also the lifestyle typically, the man need to bite a combination or an excellent medal and you can hope so you’re able to Goodness. Another way to eliminate the negative determine of Siguanaba, is to create a great effort as well as have contacted as much that one may so you can her. Then, sit on to the floor into look-in the new sky, necessary off touch and you can eliminate that have electricity their particular tresses.

As well as, you certainly can do your final situation, Eliminate of your leaf off a tree although she draws on you. Like this the newest Siguanaba was scared because she’ll feel that some body draws their own hair. This is basically the most effective behavior to end this heart, (it is similar to brand new antidote that counteracts the newest evil efforts away from so it magical lady).

If you observe a woman regarding the rivers of one’s Salvador while would like to know when it?s or not, the newest Siguanaba, are screaming three times: “No te vas an effective ir Maria pata de- gallina” and thus: “You are not going anywhere crabgrass Mary”; if it is the newest Siguanaba, she’ll panic and can toss by herself from the ravine, in the event the she wasn’t, the folks just will say to you that you will be crazy, however, at least you spend the latest frighten.

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