Such as for example application should insofar that you can keep the following the data: nuinse

In case there are a married relationship preparing to demise, when the perishing team, getting really incapable, you should never indication the fresh instrument by trademark or mark, they can be enough for starters of the witnesses for the elizabeth, and this truth is going to be attested by the minister solemnizing the wedding. (3)

(6) Priests, rabbis, ministers Islandsk brud of the gospel of every denomination, chapel, faith or sect, duly registered, since considering for the post 92; and you may

(7) Boat captains, plane chiefs, army commanders, and you can consuls and you may vice-consuls within the special cases considering within the content 74 and 75. (4a)

Post 57. The wedding can be solemnized in public of working of one’s court in open courtroom otherwise of gran, or even in the latest church, chapel or forehead, since the instance can be, and never someplace else, but inside cases of marriage ceremonies developed preparing to demise or even in secluded towns and cities prior to post 72 of this Password, or even in matter of matrimony labeled within the blog post 76 or whenever one of the two parents or perhaps the protector of one’s women or even the latter herself in the event the over eighteen yrs old request they written down, in which circumstances the marriage is solemnized at the a property otherwise place designated of the told you father or mother otherwise guardian of the women otherwise by latter by herself into the a pledged declaration compared to that feeling. (5a)

Blog post 58. Conserve marriages out of an excellent profile signed up inside the Section dos out-of it Name, but not those not as much as post 75, zero matrimony can be solemnized in the place of a license first are given of the local civil registrar of town where both hiring party habitually schedules. (7a)

Including device shall hold the sworn statement away from one or two witnesses, of legitimate ages, of sometimes sex, mode onward the full title, profession, and you will household of these contracting class and of his or her parents, when the identified, together with put and you can time regarding delivery of such class

Blog post 59. The local municipal registrar will material suitable license if for every of the employing functions swears separately ahead of your or before every public-official authorized to manage oaths, in order to a loan application on paper means ahead one such as for example team enjoys the desired official certification having contracting wedding. The individuals, their mothers otherwise guardians will not required to showcase their household certificates in any foregone conclusion to the the new securing out-of the wedding permit.

Your local municipal registrar, upon receiving such as for example software, will need the expo of one’s totally new baptismal otherwise delivery licenses of contracting events or duplicates of these files properly attested by persons which have child custody of your own originals

(12) Complete name and you will residence of one’s protector or person which have charge, whether your contracting cluster has actually none dad nor mommy and you may was according to the ages of 20 years, in the event that a male, otherwise to try to get decades when the a female. (7a)

Post sixty. These certificates or official duplicates of the files necessary for it article doesn’t have to be sworn so you’re able to and you will might be excused out of the documentary stamp taxation. Brand new signature and you will official identity of the person giving the new certification are sufficient proof its credibility.

The brand new nearby from kin of contracting functions can be preferred as witnesses, along with their default, persons notorious on the province or the locality for their sincerity and you can a reputation.

This new expo off baptismal or beginning licenses shall not necessary when your parents of your own contracting parties come myself until the regional civil registrar worried and you may claim to your correctness of one’s legitimate ages of told you events, as stated from the app, otherwise if local civil registrar will, because of the merely looking at the candidates abreast of its yourself lookin in advance of him, end up being convinced that either or they both have the called for age. (8a)

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