The structure From Human body For the RUSSIAN INCANTATIONS

This article merchandise material to own dysfunction of a single of your own old-fashioned Slavic world image fragments, « naive physiology », i.age. the dwelling of human anatomy. Mcdougal analyzes details of several bodily pieces and you can areas within the new texts off Russian incantations centered on the labels, qualities, properties, affects to which they are exposed, an such like. The newest part « Documentation » comes with citations that teach contexts in which info off physical parts are created throughout the incantations.

From TOAST So you’re able to SACRAL Text: The new Password Of one’s Body

The newest report works with the fresh new character away from somatic lexicon (individual and zoological the exact same) from the design off folklore messages that are characterised of the optativity to the syntactical, and also by directivity to the other individual to your actional peak. The basis of the analysed material is actually messages out-of Serbo-Croatian toast, as a special folklore form that consists of several semantically compared parts – blessing and you can curse. Analysed ‘s the function of somatic conditions regarding two-fold. Regarding construction away from blessing, system are subordinated to the first thought of virility and wealth. Simultaneously, as the main idea of brand new curse should be to jeopardize, negative wishes are often led into human anatomy correct. You will find a telecommunications amongst the true blessing and the curse: the advantages thought to be positive in the blessing, feel bad by the antiformula – originally confident enjoys (inside the good zoological perspective) when; added to one’s body, become negative throughout the new perspective. Addressed, given that good semantic counterpart for koleno, is the word pojas (=belt) « generation ».

Cards Towards the Folk ANTHROPOLOGY

The fresh paper deals with ritual acts and you may prohibitions that give health, longevity and you will charm into the rituals of one’s calendar activities. The writer gives a great deal of thought so you’re able to magical-routine bathrooms, water-raining, sprinkling, filtering by-water, moving in the dew, procedures that have flowers, etcetera. The following the main post circumstances within chthonic and you will marriage-sensual aspects of base. The last portion of your paper works together with ideas on the closing a person’s mouth area (« You cannot personal another person’s mouth with a scarf »).

LINGUISTIC And Social Image of Your head Throughout the Gloss Words

The newest report is serious about linguistic and you will cultural picture of new head calculating from the Shine words. Research lies in presumptions off cognitive linguistics; lexical analysis away from phraseologisms implies that you will find three basic criteria where head is generally characterised: spatial, bodily and useful. Throughout the latest a portion of the papers mcdougal compares social and you may linguistic images of the direct. Upcoming she faces the two notions of lead for the scientific information about that it basically very important element of human anatomy.

Impression From the Skin Among the RUSSIANS

The writer intorduces standard discussion from the facial skin from the to present the opinions from Aristotle, Voloshinov (regarding your opposition naked-nude muscles), and Anzie (in regards to the psychoanalytic comprehension of epidermis). Departing throughout the Russian proverbs on surface, the writer points from the notions namn på europeisk datingsida regarding their edging condition, analyzes sentences in which body is actually a means of communicating thoughts, emotional says. Incidentally from metonymy skin may serve as a replacement to possess men themselves.

The fresh new Ritual DENUDING In the FAIRY-Stories About the PRINCESS’S BIRTHMARKS

The latest fairy-facts theme out-of starting the new princess’s birthmarks on the secluded parts of their unique person is analyzed based on the Slavic and Greek folklore product. By the way away from ritualistic translation that it theme resembles common rites: since the girl when she attains sexual maturity, check of one’s bride-to-be, the brand new ritual matrimony. Departing throughout the symbolysm of swine and her vulva, denuding ahead of the shepherd-priest is actually interpreted since the a ritual marriage having an ancestor /goddess /devil.

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